Human, Right?
This publication addresses Gay rights through a Human Rights perspective
Breast and Cervical Cancer
Information for women who love women
Stepping out of the Shadows
Same Sex domestic Violence in Sri Lanka
Stepping Out
For parents of children with alternate sexual orientations and gender identities
I might be Transgender
An information booklet for young persons who are questioning their gender identity
I might be Gay
An information booklet for young men who are questioning their attraction to other men
I might be Lesbian
An information booklet for young women who are questioning their attraction to other women
I might be Bisexual
An information booklet for young persons who are questioning their attraction to other men and women
Trilingual Media Guidelines
A guideline to encourage positive, responsible and accurate media reporting on LGBTIQ issues
My Rights, My Responsibility
A booklet in Sinhala, Tamil, and English, focusing on the rights and laws that affect the LGBTIQ community in Sri Lanka and which provides information on how to protect themselves when faced with rights violations of any type
Allies for Equality
Basic ideas and everyday changes that will assist you to be an admirable Ally
Annual Report 2021
2021 has been a challenging year for EQUAL GROUND (EG) due to the persistent spread of COVID-19 that demanded the tightening of restrictions and frequent lockdowns. Yet 2021 was a year of transformation that enabled us to successfully face the challenges that the “new normal” brought upon us. The dedication, hard work, and creativity of the staff enabled EG to reach milestones not only at an organisational level but also at a national level. Welcome to our Annual Report for 2021!
Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022

Sri Lanka witnessed a multidimensional crisis compounded by food insecurity, threatened livelihoods, shortages of vital and essential medicines, as well as rising protection concerns. The economic crisis is the worst since Sri Lanka’s independence in 1948 and is having humanitarian consequences for many vulnerable people in the country. Regardless, EQUAL GROUND has strived to achieve its milestones in advocacy. Welcome to our Annual Report 2022!

Circular Cover Eng

Police Circular No.  2740/2022

In a historic move, Sri Lanka Police issued a Circular as a result of EQUAL GROUND's case filed in the Court of Appeal - CA/Writ/425/21. This comprehensive Circular prohibits arbitrary arrests or discriminatory actions, harassment against Transgender persons.

Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2023

2023 has been a significant year for EQUAL GROUND, a year marked by growth and achievement, at both national and international levels. This has propelled us forward, in our journey as an organisation as well as an agent helping to drive societal change and empower Sri Lanka's LGBTIQ community. Have a read through of all our achievements and milestones for the year of 2023!

Annual Report 2022

Protecting Civic Spaces in Sri Lanka

In light of global human rights standards and Sri Lanka's constitutional framework, it's crucial to delve into the intricate tapestry of Freedom of Expression, Assembly, and Association. From the international legal instruments like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to Sri Lanka's own Constitution, the principles are clear: every person deserves the right to voice opinions, assemble peacefully, and associate freely. Join us in the conversation as we navigate the complexities of safeguarding civic spaces in Sri Lanka and beyond.


An internationally distributed publication which reaches the LGBTIQ community and allies both at home and abroad. It is a unique, Sri Lankan LGBTIQ interest periodical that serves as a creative platform for the community, informing our readers on the issues facing LGBTIQ persons in our country, and also focusing on health and fitness, tourism, leisure, fashion, and culture.