Stand Out in PRIDE!

The Winner!

Photo Competition

After much deliberation we have found the winners!

The Judge’s Choice Award

The 4 Judges for the competition, Nimmi Harasgama (Award Winning Actress), Ameena Hussein (Author and Publisher), Kesara Ratnavibushana (Photographer) and Rosanna Flamer-Caldera (Executive Director of EQUAL GROUND) had this to say about the winning choice – Picture number 54 submitted by Habisha from Batticaloa.

Nimmi Harasgama

“Thank you for having me judge the Colombo PRIDE photo competition. It has been such a pleasure going through all the photographs. Such thought and detail have been included and it just goes to show what a lot of talent we have here in Sri Lanka and in the gay community.”

Ameena Hussein

“The photographs submitted were inspired and original, so much so it made the choice of a short list very difficult for me. I liked the out of the box thinking that some of the artistes had engaged with and the subtle and complex messages that were layered in many of the photographs.

My final choice for winner was because the photograph encapsulated all the elements required with such sophistication it appeared simple and easy. Congratulations to all who submitted for their creativity and imagination and I am honoured to have been a judge for the competition hosted by EQUAL GROUND to celebrate and honour Pride Month.”

Kesara Ratnavibushana

“No 54 is worthy of a win because it grows on the viewer, from the anonymity of its subject to the subtlety of the rubik’s cube in rainbow colours. It is obvious in places, less so in others. Yet there is depth and motivation – a sense of purposeful composition acutely highlighted by the low angle giving the grass a larger than life macroscopic appearance. We may infer much from the image and there is plenty for a view to read in to. There is a touch of broodiness but it does not yield to hopelessness or desolation. For this combination of factors, thought & adequate execution, I feel this photo emerges as a worthy competition winner.”

Rosanna Flamer-Caldera

“Truly moved by the overwhelming number of photos submitted for this virtual PRIDE competition!  Number 54 captured my heart.  The photo’s essence was closest to the brief and really depicted the photographer’s feelings and her mood.” 

The Rs.10,000/- Cash Prize for the Judges Choice Award Winner goes to Photo Number 54 by Habisha from Batticaloa!  Congratulations Habisha!  So proud of you!

The Community’s Choice Award

The Community’s Choice Award Winner with over 2,200 likes on Facebook and Instagram is Photo Number 012 by Tharusha.  He wins the Grand Prize of Rs.10,000/-!  Congratulations Tharusha! 

7 Consolation Prizes of Rs.2,500/- each go to the following:

003 – Vehara
016 – Sam
028 – Nipunika 

049 – Indika 
058 – Gabriel 

081 – Adeel
084 – Yamuna 

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who participated. Over 90 photos were submitted for consideration in this competition.  All of these photos along with the winning photos will be uploaded to a virtual photo gallery very soon for your viewing pleasure!  Please do tune in to our Facebook Page for our next Competition – the Virtual Rainbow Music and Dance Festival – and our InstaLive Let’s Talk chats with Queer celebrities and LGBTIQ Community members!

We are grateful to the US Embassy for their support!  Happy PRIDE everyone!

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