A Study on Workplace Discrimination in Sri Lanka

EQUAL GROUND’S latest survey on LGBTIQ employees’ experiences in the workplace revealed that many of them struggle with revealing their Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity/Expression and being their true selves at the workplace due to discrimination and harassment. 58% of the respondents stated that they have experienced verbal harassment and 31% said they have experienced sexual harassment. 44% said they were not willing to report such harassment to the management because they fear facing more reprisals. Tragically, 23% of the respondents also mentioned leaving their jobs due to psychological and emotional harassment.Such discrimination in workplaces compromises the economic security of LGBTIQ individuals. It is imperative to end Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia in workplaces in Sri Lanka. Read the full Report.

Click on the photo for a message from Dr. Tom Davis, Acting Deputy High Commissioner of the Australian High Commission in Colombo.

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